My Favorite Amazon Purchases

First things first, if you haven’t shopped on Amazon then you’ve been living under a rock and have been missing out on one of the best experiences of your life.

Amazon is my go-to online store for anything I need! Clothes, beauty supplies, pens/markers, home furnishings – you name it, they got it. Did I mention the prices are almost always cheaper than anywhere else? Also the Amazon Prime free two-day shipping is an added bonus because shipping to Alaska is astronomically high. Now, I want to share some of my favorite purchases from Amazon.

Nespresso VertuoPlus

I bought this Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker as a Christmas Gift for my boyfriend and it is well worth the money! We both noticed a tremendous taste difference. I got a really good discount on it with my Amazon Prime membership. The purchase also includes a milk/cream frother and 12 tester pods.

White Coffee Bar

After getting the Nespresso maker, I decided I wanted a coffee bar. So I searched on Amazon and fell in love with this Kings Brand Furniture White Storage Cabinet! What I love most is that they include dimensions of the whole shelf as well as super simple assembly instructions.


Whenever I need to buy a gift I use Amazon’s nifty little gifts category! I found this 52 Lists for Happiness Journal and thought it would make a great Christmas gifted turns out I was right! My sister-in-law uses hers every single day!


If you’re still sitting on the floor in front of the mirror to put your make up on like I was, then this Vanity Set is for you! It comes with a stool, mirror, and 5 drawers. It is the easiest thing to assemble because they send you a little tool to use to put the furniture together. Fun fact: you can also take the mirror off to make it a desk!

Vanity Lights

Of course, a vanity needs lights! Which is why I pulled up Amazon and found these LED Vanity Lights. They come with adhesive patches for the backs of the lights and stick perfectly on the mirror! You can adjust the brightness with the smart touch power button. Vanity lights are a must have for make up lovers like me!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking glasses are a must-have when you’re on your phone or computer all day! Amazon has a great selection of colors, styles, and prices. I started off with a cheaper pair just to see if I liked them and I will definitely be searching Amazon for another pair soon!


Alaska’s humidity is always over 90% which is no good when it comes to bath bombs. Dehumidifier’s are very expensive and usually start at about $200. So I searched Amazon, like I always do, and found HomeLabs Small Dehumidifier for ONLY $35! It’s quiet and works tremendously!

Sherpa Pullover

About 75% of the time I am in leggings and some sort of hoodie/pullover/jacket. This Sherpa Pullover from Boxercraft comes in tons of colors and is warm enough to take on Alaska winters! And it’s only $28 versus the outrageous $150 name-brand pullovers.

So basically, Amazon is the best for any kind of purchase and everyone should search Amazon before anywhere else because chances are it is going to be 1,000x cheaper!

Comment your favorite Amazon purchases below! I am always looking for great deals!!

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