It’s Ok To Be Clueless

Let’s be honest, no one really knows what they’re doing. You might think they do but that’s just confidence. The world teaches you something pretty fast – no one knows what they’re doing. You think you’ll figure it out eventually but I promise you won’t.

Being an adult is just a series of asking questions, looking things up on Google, and guessing. No one really tells you that part and you end up feeling lost and confused when you look at other people thriving.

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I’m not afraid to admit this because no one really knows what they’re doing. Everyone has the same stresses, the same anxieties, insecurities, hardships, cluelessness. And it’s ok! We all need to stop taking things so seriously and just live!

My blog is called Cluelessly Adulting because I genuinely do not know what I want to do or what I’m currently doing. Life is about confidence and being able to push back when things get tough.

Some of the hardest moments in my life opened my eyes to new opportunities. I thought the world was going to end at the lowest of lows but I picked myself up, kept pushing myself, let go of the negatives and thats when the best things in my life seem to happen!

So what I’m trying to say is just hang on! I know it seems like nothing good will ever happen and trust me I know everyone says that! But something amazing is coming your way and you’ll never see it coming. You’ll look back on the bad times and be grateful for the experience.

I want to share this with everyone because we beat ourselves up so much comparing to others who are picture perfect but guess what? They have no idea either! Start focusing on your life and not theirs!

Life happens fast and I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. A year ago I was about to graduate college and I had no plans to move at all, let alone to Alaska. I never thought my Bath Bomb business would be anything but a hobby but it’s growing more and more everyday.

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The more energy you put into something the more results you’ll see! Focus on what you want to achieve and don’t let tiny little hiccups steer you away from your goals!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! I'm Emily and I am just a 22 year old trying to figure this whole life thing out. I write about just about everything including beauty products, my bath bomb line called Ethel Raye Bath Bombs, how-to's, self love, lifestyle, and my favorite - exploring! Follow me on social media to stay updated :)
  1. So true and you make us so Proud.

  2. deep thoughts !

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